American Classics

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Family and Friends

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at Malibu High last night listening to the Choral Department put on a celebration of the music of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin. As you might suspect, Malibu has an impressive “arts” program.

Though my old camera has poor audio & video, here’s a taste of “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.”

Our favorite performer was the young lady toward the lower right that lives with us, but we might be a tad biased. Rex, a gifted student I told you about not too long ago, was our second favorite. It was a privilege to be in the audience as he played the piano and sang Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm.” Equally heartwarming was the HUGE ovation he received from the audience.

We are very proud of our girl for many reasons in addition to last night.
* One was her report card this week: 3 A+’s and 2 A’s is a pretty good start for someone who moved 2,000 miles away to a school where she knew no one.
* It’s amazing, too, to see all her new friends at school – she has fit in so quickly, and so well.
* But another reason came this week when she tried out for the Middle School Musical – Monday she danced, Tuesday she delivered a monologue, and yesterday she sang her solo. We don’t know if she’ll get a part, but for her courage and willingness to go for it makes her a leading lady in our book!


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