Malibu Trick or Treating

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Family and Friends

One of Hillary’s friends invited her to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood last night. Men in suits carrying walkie-talkies met us at the gate, and we had to be on a list to get in. It was quite the experience.

The lawn decorations were amazing, the costumes quite creative (multiple Sarah Palins in left-leaning Malibu, of course), and one of the residents even catered vegetarian food on their front lawn and served the hundreds of children and adults wandering through.

Halloween appears to be an all-out party in these parts. Most of the houses invited their friends, put on a spread, and made a night of it.

Hillary came out alright in the candy department as well – instead of mini-candy bars, she came home with the full-sized versions, including a KING sized bar as well!!!

Lots to see, beautiful weather, and a safe neighborhood for candy collection. Not a bad night.

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