For My Dad

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Family and Friends

It was fourteen years ago today that my dad died. Hard to believe. Fourteen years without a father to call.

Some of you know how it feels. Some of you don’t. Some of you don’t have much of a father to call on in the first place. Some of you do (or did).

A few weeks ago I ran across this song by Chet Atkins, and I saved it just for today. On some level I think everyone can appreciate it. I especially do today.

  1. lesjr says:

    Blessings on this day–may you be overwhelmed with good memories–may you know the Father’s peace.

  2. grammybourque says:


  3. J D says:

    Al… I’m a day behind… but I’ve always admired your love for your dad and been grateful for the blessing he was in your life. I’m sorry I never got to meet him. My stepdad will have his funeral tomorrow.

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