Posted: November 6, 2008 in Peace

As I’ve mentioned before, it is a pleasure to sit and listen to Sunday sermons for a change – especially since Preacher Ken delivers such good ones. Often this fall, he and Campus Minister Thomas have had a “conversation” during the sermon time, which have been really good, too. Like last Sunday.

Preacher Ken referred to the book UnChristian from The Barna Group which shared the results of a survey on what nonchristian America thinks about their counterparts. There are six main summarizations (if I remember correctly). Christians are…
1. Hypocritical
2. Judgmental
3. Too political
4. Anti-homosexual
5. Old-fashioned
6. Most interested in converting me

I especially liked what Campus Minister Thomas said in response to these characterizations. Instead of responding with a condescending attitude, he said, “The world knows better than we do if we are selling Jesus or showing Jesus.” Don’t know if the quote was original with him or not, but it’s a good one in my opinion.

So odd to plug Jesus into our reputation and consider the survey results during his life on earth.

1. Hypocritical? Anything but…
2. Judgmental? Of the religious maybe, but not the world…
3. Too political? C’mon. Paid taxes from a fish, yawned at the authority of kings and governors…
4. Anti-homosexual? Please.
5. Old-fashioned? The new wineskins guy?
6. Most interested in converting me? Not even close. In fact, by the time he was done, talked everyone into abandoning him…

Selling Jesus over showing Jesus. That’s UnChristian all by itself.

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