Pauley Pavilion

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Miscellaneous


I had the pleasure of adding another sports experience to my repertoire last night. The father of one of Hillary’s best friends here is quite connected in the sports world (you can read about a conference he’s hosting HERE), and he graciously gave me his tickets to UCLA’s exhibition game. So my friend, Michael, and I headed down to Pauley Pavilion last night. Check out the view from the seats.


Not bad seats, eh?

College basketball fans know they only hang championship banners at Pauley Pavilion. As Mikey and I talked last night, we thought Pauley may be the top of the list in terms of destinations for college basketball fans interested in historic arenas. Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke) may be top for “experiences,” and Rupp Arena (Kentucky) may give it a run for its money, but I’d go with Pauley.

Before the game, we had the chance to tour the UCLA sports hall of fame on campus, which was super cool, too. UCLA is the first school to win 100 team national championships, and the hall of fame proudly communicated that at all turns. Check out the room of national championships.


Some legends have worn the UCLA jersey…


Not to mention these guys…


Anyway, UCLA took down mighty Biola last night. It was cool to see preseason All-American, Darren Collison, play, as well as highly-touted incoming freshman, J’rue Holiday. Pretty impressive players.

It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening, wandering around UCLA’s campus, checking out the legends in the hall of fame, great seats at Pauley Pavilion, all with a good friend…

I’m facing what may be my two toughest weeks of law school – starting today – so it was extra nice to have such a good Friday evening.

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