Big Day

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Miscellaneous


Well, today’s the day – my first big law school final. My entire grade in Torts rides on how I fare this morning (and early afternoon).

Professor Green informed us that it is scheduled to take four hours and ten minutes. You might not think 42 multiple choice questions and one two-part essay should take that long, but we’ll be lucky to get done in that amount of time. Crazy.

We’ve all been given access to his last three finals, and just the essay part of each was ten pages long – ten pages full of complicated facts and attached memorandums. Quite the challenge.

One of my classmates told me yesterday that Professor Green is the 6th most quoted torts guy in the world. Since he’s a visiting prof from Wake Forest, my section has been fortunate to learn from one of the all-time best this semester.

Well, it’s time to go pray and then face the big exam.

Today will not go down in the annals of my life as a boring day.

  1. unicorntx says:

    I will anxiously await the results of your BIG DAY. I know you won’t have grades, but I’m interested in your self-assessment.

    And (I can’t stifle my muckracking propensities -) Has anyone there commented on the fact that Blagojevich is a graduate of Pepperdine Law School?

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Hey Bruno!

    Well, for what it’s worth, I felt pretty good about the exam today. The multiple choice section was 38 pages long!!! Sheesh!!! But I felt pretty good. Of course, maybe everyone else did, too. And maybe ignorance is bliss. But whatever – at least I don’t feel like jumping off a ledge. 🙂 Of course, there’s always Contracts on Friday!

    And from what I hear Pepperdine Law is in damage control mode over our most famous felon. A student told me about it, but I haven’t heard anything official. Of course we’re in finals, and that is an INTENSE time around here, so maybe there won’t be any talk about it at all. Now if it doesn’t blow over over the holidays, my Criminal Law class next semester may have some cool fodder for discussion!

    On a better note, I found out that Texas Tech’s football coach, Mike Leach, is a Pepperdine Law grad, too. Maybe he won’t get lit up by NCAA investigations. 🙂

    Tell Linda hello from us. All is well here. Just lots and lots of studying over the next week!

    Your friend,

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