Posted: December 16, 2008 in Miscellaneous


Professor Grant Nelson is a legend in the field of property law, and he has a final examination prepared for us this morning.

Having completed two final exams last week, facing a third is a little less stressful. Which gives me some added stress from worrying about how I feel a little less stressful.

Plus, Property is the favorite class of many in my section. I’ve heard several say that Property is the one class they “get.” Which isn’t such a good thing for the rest of us in a class graded solely on a curve. But, as I’ve said before, to snag a line from C.S. Lewis about Judgment Day, when grades come out I hear “there will be surprises.”

My first semester of law school ends on Thursday. And I am ready. My final begins in two hours. I hope I am ready for that.

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