Runyan Canyon Loop

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Miscellaneous


I went to Hollywood yesterday to test out my new camera. Just walking Hollywood Boulevard provides plenty of unique photo-ops; I mean, how often do you see Superman just standing on the street?


But that was just gravy. My main intention was to combine a little exercise (little? I’m sore today! 3.5 miles up & down mountains isn’t little to me anymore!) with the photo-ops I had read about on the Runyan Canyon Loop – also known as the “Heart of Hollywood Hike.” It was worth it all around.

Yesterday was a bit on the cool side for L.A., but it was a very clear day – which made the hike even more appealing. And it did not disappoint – at the highest observation point, on my left I could see both the Hollywood Sign and snow-capped mountains in the distance, in front of me was all of L.A. and the breathtaking downtown skyline, and to my right I could see the Pacific Ocean all the way to Catalina Island. Amazing.

Here’s the snow-capped mountains in case you don’t believe me!


I also learned that I enjoyed taking pictures of people when they didn’t know it. Which could lead into an alternate career if the law school thing doesn’t work out (probably pays better anyway). Or it could lead to a lawsuit where I play the role of a defendant, too.

Either way, here are probably my three favorite pics from yesterday… (Now what can I photograph today? Hmm…)




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