Taking Pictures at Point Dume

Posted: December 28, 2008 in Miscellaneous

Went to Malibu’s Point Dume yesterday afternoon intending to get a picture of the sunset on the Pacific Ocean. Mission accomplished there.


But I got there early and discovered the trail that led down to the rocky beach below. There, I lucked upon a picture of a helicopter passing over a couple of kayakers while the surf arrived near my vantage point.


Yet more fun came when I noticed a California sea lion playing in the water. I chased her around for awhile, and though I never got a great picture, this one will have to suffice (for now).


But most fun of all, just when I had about given up, I heard something on the rocks behind me. I climbed up to take a picture of the pelican I saw there and was surprised to see several sea lions lazily sunning on the rocks, too! At one point they roused enough to honk or whatever it is they do in my direction, and I let them get on with their naps. And though the lighting in this pic desperately needs the work of a photoshop artist like my friend, Big Dave, it captures the essence of the nearness of the access I was granted yesterday.


I think I discovered a new place to hangout on these rare days when I have nothing official to do!

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