Just a Nice Day

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Family and Friends

Yesterday was just a nice day…

* For the first time in forever, I got to go to church with ALL my family and sit with them.

* Got to meet my new Torts professor at church (who had spent last semester in London). I have heard such great things about Dean Jim Gash, and I look forward to learning from him.

* We had a terrific Bible class – which is typical. I absolutely love having John Wilson as a teacher. His combination of knowledge, age, and open-mindedness is a rarity.

* Libby Perrin asked me to word the communion & offering prayers yesterday morning, which is always a privilege.

* Jody prepared a great steak lunch, and the four of us sat around a table together!

* Got to watch some NFL playoff action on television, too – Baltimore’s defense was amazing, and the Eagles continued their unlikely push toward the title.

* Played a little intrafamily Wii Sports, too. I’m finally learning how to play baseball!

* Even though the wind was brutal, went down to the track and jogged/walked yesterday. Such a nice feeling to “continue” exercising into a new year instead of trying to start again.

* We all watched Prince Caspian on DVD last night. Great movie.

* And finally, I read quite a bit more on “The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis. I’m loving that book.

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