SEC Rules. Again.

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I know it will come to an end someday, but it has been fun being an SEC football fan these past few years. Three consecutive BCS national championships in a row is a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Last year, thanks to my great friend, DeJon, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the big game in New Orleans. It was great fun chanting S-E-C with the crowd in the second half. I didn’t hear the chant in Miami last night, but I suspect it arose at some point along the way. The conference is pretty proud of itself.

Really, I think Oklahoma should’ve won last night. Their offense threw the ball AND ran the ball better, and I think their defense played a little better overall, too. With the exception of a blocked kick, even the Sooner special teams units out-performed the Gators. So how did Florida win? Well, Oklahoma didn’t play THAT much better on offense, defense and special teams – add to that some key Sooner mistakes and Florida making some plays at just the right times and you have Urban Meyer accepting the championship trophy.

Utah is a good choice for #2. They went undefeated with a decent schedule, but if they want a real shot at #1 they just have to develop a stronger schedule. Barely beating 3-9 Michigan in The Big House just won’t cut it as a big non-conference win.

USC is a good choice for #3. Same record as Florida, and stronger schedule than Utah – but the Pac-10 only had one other team in the BCS top 25.

Texas is a good choice for #4. Same record as Florida and USC, and a stronger schedule than USC – but they barely beat the 2nd best Big 10 team in their bowl game whereas USC destroyed the best Big 10 team.

Still, I think a 4-team playoff system is the way to go (8 teams would be better, but 4 would be SO simple to pull off). Regardless, it is still good to be an SEC fan.

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