Posted: January 23, 2009 in The Big Move

As with anything, there are good things and bad things about our big move. Good stuff we would never have experienced if we hadn’t moved, and things we miss out on because we have.

An example of the latter is the chance to spend an evening hanging out with friends. This is mostly attributable to being new, of course, and will change with time, but being so busy with law school exacerbates the situation. Last night, Mike & Heather invited us over for dinner and reminded us how nice it is to spend an evening with friends.

Mike & Heather moved here from Oklahoma for Mike to be the computer guru for Pepperdine, and in the process, the university snagged a really neat family. Their preschool twin boys are adorable, and it could be that they are the type of folks everybody instantly bonds with – either way, they have treated us like we are instantly good friends.

So last night was a good one. A scrumptious dinner, fun conversation, and new friends = a winning combination. It made the three hours of study at the law school afterwards much more palatable.

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