Volleyball Weekend

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Miscellaneous


It’s hard to capture the speed and power of men’s volleyball. Especially at the level on which Pepperdine plays. Maybe it would help if you realized that Paul Carroll (#12) is six feet, nine inches tall.

We went to watch Pepperdine defeat Pacific last evening (where we learned that Hillary, and her friend, Sarah, have discovered boys – at least, college volleyball boys!). Carroll, who plays on the Australian National Team, led the Waves to a resounding victory. Tonight will ramp up the intensity when we host Stanford (we’re #4 in the nation and Stanford is #3).

Like I said, capturing the speed and power of the game in a picture is impossible, but check out the leaping ability of the outside hitter in this pic (and for a little perspective, the tiny libero in the orange shirt is actually 5’10!)!!!


Go Waves!

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