Posted: January 31, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Okay men’s volleyball fans, it’s time to jump on the Pepperdine bandwagon.

Last week the Waves were #4 in the nation when they shutout #3 Stanford 3-0. That bumped Pepperdine up to #3 nationally. However, USC also swept Stanford 3-0, and they advanced to #4 in the rankings.

Last night’s battle between Pepperdine and USC promised to be a long, five-set match, and the first set had that vibe to it. The Waves pulled out an exciting 30-28 victory, however, and the large crowd settled in for a long night. But the Waves phenomenal blocking led the way to an even more impressive 30-24 victory in set number two. Then, USC just packed it in, and Pepperdine completed a shocking shutout with a dominating 30-19 win in set number three.

You can read a more detailed story HERE.

I don’t think anyone goes undefeated for the year in men’s volleyball, especially in Pepperdine’s crazy hard conference. But we’re undefeated so far, and our undefeatedness appears to be getting more and more impressive with each passing match.

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