Posted: February 8, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I made it through the rain to UCLA yesterday morning only to discover a crazy traffic situation getting on to campus. I was sure there would be a jillion people at the law school event since the traffic jam coincided with its start time, but it turned out that Notre Dame was in town for some college hoops against the Bruins (along with the ESPN Gameday truck), so once I got through that mess, it wasn’t bad at all.

I met a lady in the parking garage who turned out to work for one of the firms I was interviewing with yesterday. If that turns out to be my summer job, then I’ll have another experience to file away in my “coincidence” vs. “fate” file. She was super cool and loved her organization. I enjoyed meeting her co-workers later that morning, too.

I actually enjoyed all my interviews. It was a good day, but a long one. But it was sorta fun to dress up like a lawyer and wander around, guys and girls all in dark business suits, feeling like we’re taking a first step down the road of a legal career.

It’ll be a couple of weeks or so before I hear back from all the interviews (if at all). I’d be happy to work at any of the four firms, although I am developing my list of personal favorites should I have the luxury of choosing.

There was one other firm I was interested in. The Inner City Law Center didn’t do formal interviews yesterday, but I had a good long talk with their representative and left him my resume and materials. That would be a cool place to spend a summer, too. In short, they sue slumlords. He showed pictures of living conditions they have encountered and told me that it often goes beyond just nasty living conditions: they often sue for Wrongful Death when tenants have died as a result of the unsanitary messes they call home.

You can read about the Inner City Law Center and their work HERE.

Well, gotta get going. Yesterday put me behind on a busy week of schoolwork (got a big LRW assignment this week). Need to read a Contracts case BEFORE going to church; then after lunch, it’ll be a long day in the law libary.

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