Friday the 13th

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Well, we begin our discussion of “murder” today in our Criminal Law class, quite appropriately on Friday the 13th.

We were assigned three cases to read, and I noticed the second decision was handed down by the Arkansas Supreme Court. When I read that it was the Ronnie Midgett case the name instantly was familiar. I tried to find more information on the Internet about it (than was in our reading), but there surprisingly wasn’t much. I found out that it took place in Jonesboro (or at least the Jonesboro area). I found out that it happened the summer of 1986, just before my 16th birthday. Other than that, I just have the gruesome details of the child abuse / murder in my casebook and the memory of that name being mentioned often on KAIT-8 during my high school years.

Turns out it’s a great teaching case to highlight the difference between intentional murder and intentional pre-meditated murder. Unfortunately, because there was no evidence as to the “pre-meditated” part of the sad case, the conviction had to be reduced from first degree murder to second degree murder. And the Arkansas legislature had to create a new law.

Though tragic, I thought it was cool that the justice system created the legislative change that was necessary. As is always the case, however, injustice occurred on that path to justice.

Just thought I’d share a little murder talk on Friday the 13th. I doubt any Arkansas friends/family remember any more about the case than I do, but if someone does feel free to give me a shout.

  1. unicorntx says:

    RE: Friday 13th
    I’m not much on superstition, but tonight gave me pause. On the way to dinner, we encountered a massive auto crash at Washington & Hwy 90. We learned later that someone died in the crash.
    An hour later, at McElroy’s Restaurant, the lights went dark, and we couldn’t order because the computers were down.
    We left and went to another restaurant. The service was poor (the waitress said they were overwhelmed because so many other places were closed due to the power failure), and then – the food was lousy!
    But, on the positive side, I’m alive, we have power at home and I already have a plan for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Peace.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Well, you must have had a black cat walk in front of you. Or do you remember having walked under a ladder?


    Glad you survived Friday the 13th, and I hope you and Linda share a great Valentine’s Day together!

  3. unicorntx says:

    Question! I just looked at the times posted on the comments. Are we on Pakistani time?

  4. alsturgeon says:

    Wow, we must be. Let me see if I can fix it.

  5. alsturgeon says:

    Got it fixed! Now, this comment thread will eternally confuse the hapless readers that happen upon it. 🙂

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