Let The Good Times Roll!

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Family and Friends

Just offering a quick Happy Mardi Gras to everyone.  Too bad no one cares here in Malibu.

Funny, we never really did anything for Mardi Gras while living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I miss it today anyway. Just seeing the colors, eating some king cake, and everyone taking some time off from work and school (the taking some time off from school especially sounds good today).

Oh well, can’t have everything I guess. But I hope all my Mississippi friends enjoy Fat Tuesday. It has me thinking of you all today.

  1. unicorntx says:

    The weather here has to be a good as Malibu – warm, sunny, cool breeze of the Mississippi Sound.
    Did the D’Iberville parade Sunday, but passed on Biloxi today. Getting old, I guess!
    Heading to Texas Thursday, but back on Saturday for Sunday responsibility at Church.

    Congrats to Hillary on the successful start to what may be a successful career.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks for the update, Bruno (and for the congrats to Hillary). Hope you caught some beads for us, and especially hope some folks enjoyed a raspberry-filled king cake!

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