A Time To Teach

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I taught three “church” classes a week for nearly ten years, but in the seven months since moving to Malibu, nary a one. I was asked to fill in today since both of our co-teachers are out of town, and I agreed. It has felt strange to be preparing to teach again.

It is Spring Break on the undergrad campus, so most of the professors have hit the road. This means there probably won’t be many people in class today. That’s okay. Teaching is probably like riding a bicycle, but in case I fall off a time or two it may be best that not many are there to get injured by it.

We’ll be trying to finish up Titus chapter two and get started on Titus chapter three. And since I have a death wish, we’ll be talking a bit about politics. Wish me luck.

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