Well, It’s Saturday

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Miscellaneous

#1: Turned in our Appellate Brief late yesterday afternoon, which was a super nice thing to do on any afternoon.

#2: Took our car in to the dealership for its periodic check-up yesterday, which was practically painless. Only problem in metro L.A. is that it takes an hour’s worth of driving just to get to the nearest Saturn dealership. Wait, I used to drive 2 1/2 hours to go see my friend, Roland, in Baton Rouge, so guess I can’t even complain about that.

#3: Brackets took a shot last night. I’m 22-10 in Billy’s league with two Sweet 16 teams out, but I had one of those teams (Wake Forest) going to the Final Four. I’m 24-8 in Tracy’s league with three Sweet 16 teams out. And, of course, Hillary is 23-9 with only one Sweet 16 team missing. 🙂

#4: We’re going to watch Pepperdine take on Chicago State in a doubleheader today. It’s a bit cool in Malibu (60 degrees) and overcast, but given my fair skin that’s probably a good combination today.

#5: One of my classmates is an actor/writer, and I noticed on Facebook this morning that his brother/sister-in-law are two of the four writers on the new box office hit, “The Knowing.” Very cool.

#6: Got to sleep in some this morning. Very nice.

#7: Have to do some reading for classes which resume on Monday. Civ Pro is my plan for later today.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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