Posted: March 22, 2009 in Family and Friends

Saturday was a nice day.

Jody prepared a picnic lunch for the three of us and we drove down the hill to watch Pepperdine play Chicago State in a doubleheader. (No, I have never heard of Chicago State.) We spent the next five hours watching some good baseball, snacking on sandwiches and peanuts, playing movie trivia, and I even got to teach Hillary how to keep score.

When we got home, I dreaded going over to the library to do my Civ Pro reading for Monday, but thankfully I checked my email and discovered that Professor Goodno cancelled our reading assignment since we’re going to have a guest speaker! Yea for me!!!

So I watched more March Madness instead.

Hillary was 8 for 8 yesterday, and I was not. She is now 31-9 (with 39 points). I am 29-11 (with 36 points in one league,and 34 in the other). She does this to me every year. 🙂

Finally, because we’re on the West Coast and the tourney ends at a decent hour, I did some channel surfing and ended up watching a bunch of Ben Stiller’s goofy movie, Dodgeball.

I can’t remember exactly when I spent a day doing nothing law school related. But now I can. It was yesterday, and it felt nice.

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