If It Ain’t a Depression, Then Why Is Everyone So Sad?

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I graduated from college in 1992, a horrible time for college graduates to look for a job. I went back to pursue another degree in 2008, the only time since then that has actually been worse. I’m not sure if the blame should rest on the two Bush presidencies or me, but I’m figuring it must be my fault.

Anyway, the Career Development Office at Pepperdine Law is working overtime now’days to help the impending graduates who don’t have a job yet. Today, there’s a panel on higher education opportunities that they might consider pursuing, and yesterday there was a panel on “alternative careers.” Since the alternative career panel looked interesting, I thought I’d go just for kicks. And who knows, maybe that will be my strategy in a couple of years?

There were three panelists, all Pepperdine Law grads, and all interesting folks:
(1) Nathan Brodnax, a sports agent specializing in the mixed-martial arts biz
(2) Loni Coombs, a frequent news reporter on places like CNN & Court TV
(3) Nicolas Kublicki, a crime novelist / real estate broker

The cool thing from my perspective was that each of these folks, even though none practice law in a formal sense today, said that they use their legal education every single day. In other words, they offered confirmation of something I’ve heard many times before – that a legal education is worthwhile no matter what you end up doing in life.

Now, if we can all just find a job.

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