A Justice For All

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Stories

It was neat to take my 11-year-old daughter to hear Sandra Day O’Connor speak yesterday. It dawned on me that there aren’t that many more places for a “first” woman to do something anymore, and one day that concept will simply be relegated to history classes. Thankfully.

Maybe Hillary will tell her grandkids stories about such an old-fashioned phenomenon someday and tell the story of the day she heard Sandra Day O’Connor speak.

I especially enjoyed hearing Justice O’Connor tell about her interview at a big L.A. firm right out of law school at Stanford. There were all sorts of ads from large firms on the bulletin board at Stanford in the early 1950s, but as a woman, she couldn’t get a single interview. Finally, she used a couple of connections to interview at this large firm in L.A., but her interviewer told her that he couldn’t hire a woman – his firm and their clients just wouldn’t hear of it. Then, he asked her how well she typed.

She turned down the offer to be a secretary. Thankfully. And went on to find her own way in the legal profession, eventually becoming the first female to sit on the United States Supreme Court.

There may be a Sandra Day O’Connor story that you don’t know, but it is one of the most touching stories you’ll ever hear. I’ll just give you the link to a short article that tells it well. So sad, but so touching.

Read it HERE.

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