Crazy Day Ahead

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Miscellaneous

#1: Today is “Admitted Students Day” at the law school. There are 170 admitted students signed up to attend (and about 50 family members registered, too). They are all scheduled to join our Torts class (there are 80 of us already). Because of all this, Torts has been rescheduled to early this afternoon and relocated to the auditorium. The 300 of us or so ought to make for an interesting class.

#2: Not long after Torts class, all the 1L’s will take our Performance Exam for Legal Research & Writing. It counts for 20% of our grade. The good news is that this is the end of the road for LRW, so we can then focus on our doctrinal classes for the six weeks remaining in our semester. The bad news is that the Performance Exam is three hours long – we get handed about 20 pages of reading and are supposed to produce a 10-page (or so) argument from it by the time the three hours are completed. I am not looking forward to the bad news part, but I am fairly ecstatic about the good news part.

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