Monday, Reprise

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Miscellaneous

#1: We had a great time last night when Joe & Stephanie invited us over to their place for dinner. Stephanie is the R.A. for the married folks this year, and since that will be my responsibility next year they wanted to create some time to visit. They prepared a wonderful dinner for us, surpassed only by the fun conversation. We don’t get many chances to have an evening like that anymore it seems, and it very nice.

#2: Well, the Cards got off to a crappy start yesterday. Blown save in the 9th at home is not a terrific way to begin a season, especially when the closer is a position of concern. Oh well, maybe we’ll find a solution in the 161 games remaining. Either that, or lose a lot.

#3: And looks like the NCAA championship game was anticlimactic. I saw most of the first half, and all I saw was a butt-kicking. From the look of the final score, it must have got better at some point, but still didn’t seem to be much of a game.

  1. unicorntx says:

    Saw the game. I was in a pool and had NC to take it all. Unfortuantely, I finished 3rd in a “winner take all” pool. I was 2nd last year. Don’t like the trend – but then I know diddly about basketball, so I guess those who finished below have a legitimate gripe.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    See, I need YOUR advice next year! I had UConn in 1 bracket, and Pitt in the other. Oh well.

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