Happy Passover

Posted: April 9, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Growing up in a Church of Christ, I never really paid much attention to the actual date of Passover each year. But since my Criminal Law professor is a Jewish rabbi, I am really pumped about it today (because our classes today and tomorrow have been cancelled).

But even better (well, hard to be better than missing class, but still…), our friends, the Le’s, invited us and the Ebbs family to their house tonight to participate in a Seder meal. It will be our first time to participate in a full Seder, and it promises to be a really interesting experience.

Growing up as I did, I bought the Kool-Aid on the “one-day-is-the-same-as-the-other” concept popular in Churches of Christ (although we seemed to make an exception for Sundays for some reason), and I’m still a full convert (though in recovery for the Sundays thing). But still, this will be really neat tonight – to participate in a Passover meal on the same night of the week that Jesus shared a Passover meal as his Last Supper… that will just be cool.

For those of you like me and not up to speed on the Passover Seder, you can read all about it HERE.


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