The Christian and War

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Discussions

Look, I am an old man masquerading as a law student, and I’m trying to stay afloat. Therefore, for those of you who read my daily entries, I’m afraid you can’t depend on me for much anything of substance. I’m spending my brain cells trying to understand concepts like land-use regulations, contract remedies, and the federal appeals process. Even if those things were interesting to talk about, I never understand them well enough to share.

But, every once in a while I just might stumble across something that might stimulate your thinking muscles in worthwhile ways, too. Like, maybe today.

I’ve caught enough of the headlines to know that there’s something going on with the Obama administration and the CIA techniques used with prisoners in recent years (aka America’s version of torture). There are all sorts of levels on which to discuss that topic, but I’ll use it as a springboard for the Christian level of discussion.

Preacher Ken has just completed a series of sermons on all sorts of controversial topics, one of which sniffed around this sort of issue. This past Sunday, he made available a bibliography handout with many of the resources he has used throughout the series. One of them – the focus of this post – is from a Pepperdine professor titled, “The Christian and War.”

It appears to me that the OVERWHELMING evangelical Christian position is that it is perfectly acceptable to kill in certain situations. I find this a bit baffling, but I’m not even going to go so far as to say that there can’t be philosophical underpinnings for that concept (though I will say that practically everyone I’ve talked to about this idea doesn’t seem to have worked out this concept philosophically). But I do find it baffling – and rather sad – that there is little interest in hearing a different viewpoint.

So, here it is. A different viewpoint. It’s worth reading, considering, and wrestling with for just about all of us. Read it HERE.

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