Cowboy Round-up

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Miscellaneous

I know the burning question in everyone’s heart is, “What does Al think about the Cowboys’ draft this year?” Well, I turned down all of ESPN’s calls to devote my opinions exclusively to the blog. So, here goes.

First of all, everyone that knows anything gave the Cowboys a “D” or “D-.” That is completely understandable – no draft picks in the first two rounds kinda makes it hard to pick up anything that looks useful. However, given the team we have, I sort of like the overall draft. And, truth be told, I believe the Cowboys’ major problems weren’t going to be solved by a draft in the first place.

Things I like:
* I like getting twelve draft picks. So much of the draft is a crap shoot (see Ryan Leaf), so the odds of finding a diamond in the rough are much greater when you have lots of extra choices.
* I like the fact that we picked up lots of special teams help. We need it (see Last Year).
* I like picking up 7 defensive players, split fairly equally between defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive linemen – we could use a boost in each area.
* I like that we didn’t sell out for an Anquan or Plaxico or trade something we need for a shot at a Michael Crabtree. We have 4 really good receivers already. Plus, we stole a good Oklahoma receiver in the 7th round that just might be a helpful addition.
* I like the Stephen McGee choice. Surprised me at first, but after reading about him, he might turn out to be the best pick in the entire draft. Probably not, but I say it’s worth a shot.
* I like (a lot) getting the kicker from USC. I can’t remember how many times I asked last year why we couldn’t get a kicker who could kick the ball in the end zone on a kickoff. Now, I realize there’s a question as to whether you can carry 2 kickers and 3 quarterbacks on a 53-man roster, but I suspect we’re paying a coaching staff to figure that out.

So, as you can tell, there was a lot I liked about the draft. I’d give it a “D” as to picking up big, named players, but for the needs of our team (that could be addressed in a draft) I’d give it a “B+” or an “A-“ at least.

Cowboy problem: Leadership (and its corollary, flashes of stupidity on the football field).

That’s it. THE problem as I see it.

So, is there a solution? Well, maybe. I think getting rid of T.O. was a good move. Romo is just not a natural leader – he is a fun-loving guy who can really play football, and people like him. But he isn’t a get-in-your-face-when-you-need-it leader. He tried to please T.O., and for the Cowboys to be successful, we’ll need to surround Romo with responsible, self-starters who don’t need to be coddled or… well, led. Maybe that’s what we have now, but that remains to be seen.

I wonder about our defense. They played on the stupid train a lot last year, too, and I don’t know if they have a real leader. Maybe Brooking is the perfect guy to bring in. I’m hoping so.

And the special teams units were just bad last year. But maybe our draftees’ athleticism will help there.

Anyway, I am currently launching into heavy study mode, but I plan to check in every evening before bed to think about something other than law school for just a few minutes. I’ll see you then.

Go Cowboys!!!

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