Three Totally Unrelated Things

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Miscellaneous

#1: Hillary’s choir took home all sorts of awards from their choir competition yesterday, including best overall choir. She was pretty pumped about it!

#2: We got the opportunity to meet NBC weekend anchorman, Lester Holt, at church this morning. Jody has been very impressed with his son who has worked next to her this year, and she took the time to compliment him to his proud father.

#3: Preacher Ken is in Argentina this morning, so John Wilson filled in for him and did a masterful job. He taught that many of us treat the Bible as either a ouija board (tell me in some spiritual way what to do with my life) or a rulebook (where’s the rule for how to do this in my life?). Instead, he encouraged us to see it as God’s way of introducing us to Jesus. Nicely put.

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