Civ Pro….DONE!

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Theoretically, I am now proficient in the federal rules of civil procedure. Unfortunately for my future clients, I am now busy trying to dump that knowledge out of my brain and refilling it with the world of torts, of which I will test on Wednesday morning.

Our torts final will include:
* Intentional torts and defenses (4 specific torts, and 10 defenses)
* Strict/products liability (animals, abnormally dangerous activities, strict products liability, and warranties)
* Privacy torts (mainly defamation, but four others as well)
* Business torts (intentional interference w/contractual relationships & prospective economic advantage)
* Wrongful death & survival actions
* Vicarious liability
* Punitive damages

But for now, I must sleep on it.

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