It’s A Lonely Ol’ Night

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Family and Friends

Jody and Erica are together in Arkansas tonight in anticipation of nephew/cousin Nick’s high school graduation tomorrow night. Jody had an adventure of a day getting there. She set her alarm at 2am PST, and I took her down to the lower campus to meet the shuttle to LAX at 3am for her 6am flight. Well, due to bad weather at her connecting destination (Dallas), she sat on the plane for three hours before taking off at 9am. American cancelled her connecting flight completely, but she was later able to board a flight to Memphis at 5:30 CST, and must have made it to her mom’s in Arkansas around 9pm or so. She must be exhausted. I am just typing about it.

Hillary has abandoned me, too. She went on a field trip to the Getty Villa in Malibu today, followed by callbacks for her tryout for the girls select choir at the middle school. She went home (and is spending the night) with her friend Sarah so that I could devote myself to studying all day. Which I have done.

So here I am, lonely, and tired of the world of Contracts. I have prepared about as much as would do me any good to, and I am prepared to sleep on it now. It is a lonely ol’ night around here, but I plan to sleep well in anticipation of my final “final” tomorrow morning. It will be a doozy and will finish off this first year of law school with a bang.

I am ready.

  1. unicorntx says:

    Thinking of you this morning.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Thank you, Bruno!!! Must have helped, because it went okay, and it is OVER!!! 🙂

  3. rossblog says:


    Congrats on finishing off your first year of law school. Wow, time flies!

    — Bobby

  4. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks, Bobby. And you’re right, this year has really flown by (but I bet the wait for grades goes a bit slower). 🙂

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