Posted: May 15, 2009 in Family and Friends

Well, I played the lyrics of my blog’s namesake over and over in my mind these last few days, particularly the part about sucking it up, toughing it out, and being the best you can. At times, I could only muster up the energy to remember the sucking it up and toughing it out parts.

But it’s over. And, overall, I feel good about how finals went. Now, sometime within the next four weeks, my six grades will supposedly trickle in one at a time without rhyme or reason.

Today, it seemed that a bunch of law students were getting out of Malibu as fast as possible. Another large segment are headed toward a deep state of inebriation. Me, I played on the Wii with my daughter. Once again, purely by the grace of God, I ended up with the best deal out of everybody.

Hillary had big news today, too. She tried out for the Select Girls Chorus at school, and she found out she made it today!!! 52 girls tried out, 29 were called back, and 19 made it. She loves to sing, and this ought to be a cool opportunity.

Meanwhile, Jody and Erica are in Arkansas, probably at Nick’s graduation as I type. I talked to Jody earlier today, and it sounded like she was enjoying herself. She kept up her exercise regiment this morning and got to go to Nick’s awards ceremony at the high school.

Well, better get off of here since Hillary and I are celebrating our big day with a trip to the Marmalade Cafe in Malibu for dinner tonight!!!

Thanks to all who have been thinking of me these past few weeks. It feels good to know that I’m not going at this all alone.

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