A Studio Tour

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Family and Friends


My daddy/daughter birthday trip with Hillary this year was the VIP Studio Tour at Warner Brothers. I knew spending the day with Hillary would be great, but I really didn’t know what to expect of the tour. I had heard mixed reviews. But it was really cool, and we had a great time.

There is no photographic evidence of Hillary’s favorite part of the tour. Halfway through the tour we had twenty minutes in the two-story Warner Brothers museum, a place filled with costumes and props from television and the movies. The entire second floor was dedicated to Harry Potter, and Hillary was in heaven. Even for someone who hasn’t followed the Harry Potter phenomenon, it was super cool.

There is much to do on a trip to Los Angeles, but if you are even a cursory fan of television and the movies (and who isn’t?), I’d recommend checking out this tour. Here are a few pics I found interesting along the way with a description of each.

Central Perk from Friends was re-created for the tour, and our friendly tour guide took every family’s picture.

Where the famous upside down kiss from Spiderman was filmed

Uncle Jesse’s house from The Dukes of Hazzard, as well as the house from The Gilmore Girls

Hanging out on the set of the HBO hit show, True Blood

I loved this one! This was the pet store in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (most recently, the hair salon in Don’t Mess With the Zohan)

Doesn’t look like much, but they fill this reservoir with water for scenes – it’s where Mr. Rourke welcomed the guests to Fantasy Island (also, it was on this corner that the T-Rex sniffed the cars in Jurassic Park)

The exterior of the diner with the best lemon meringue pie from Million Dollar Baby

In the immortal words made famous by Warner Brothers…

That’s all folks!!!!

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