Miss Elaine E. Uss

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Miscellaneous

#1: The blog world allows us to make friends all over the world. My Australian friend, Wendy, asked all her blogger friends to pass along the following link. If you have some cash in your pocket begging to make a trip to a worthy cause, check out THIS LINK.

#2: Bidding opened today for Fall OCI at Pepperdine Law. OCI stands for “On Campus Interview” season, and it is pretty exciting to see a list of potential future employers. You never know if Fall OCI will lead to your first full-time job in the legal profession or not, but it has happened for many folks over the years. I plan to spend the evening researching firms who are coming here looking for new attorneys.

#3: Speaking of bidding, I didn’t try to get tickets to Michael Jackson’s funeral tomorrow. If I didn’t have to work, I’m goofy enough to have tried, though. Thankfully I don’t have business near the Staples Center tomorrow, but I wonder about the general craziness of L.A. traffic tomorrow (that is, craziness beyond the normal craziness).

#4: Albert Pujols is a beast. Just thought I’d say that. Over 30 homers and 80 ribbies, along with hitting over .330 just HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON is pretty amazing. He has hit four grand slams this year – HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON!!! Incredible.

#5: Hillary has been on an “Urban Plunge” the past two days, her youth group’s name for a mini-mission trip. They went to the Hollywood Church of Christ yesterday to worship, followed by feeding the homeless with them. Today they were scheduled to work at a Ronald McDonald House. I can’t wait to get an update from her when she gets back in late tonight! (By the way, “Weird Al” Yankovic is a member of the Hollywood CofC. I can only imagine what his mind does to the church hymns. I say this because I know what MY mind does to them already. Maybe all Al’s are weird?)

  1. helenoe says:

    Well, Weird Al has said in interviews http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1705642
    “I can certainly listen to music without thinking, “Hmm… now how can I screw THIS one up?”
    If he can manage to not think sideways while listening to popular music, at least sometimes, I’m sure he can be in the presence of a hymn and not be wanting to mess it up.

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