Posted: July 9, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Funny how one thing can spoil an entire day.

I enjoyed our morning meeting with the commissioners of the Department of Public Social Services. I know, just the sound of it makes everyone want to say the word FUN.

I also enjoyed supervising with fellow clerk, Gibran, this afternoon. It was our first chance to really work together, and it was an honor for me.

But in between I got a traffic ticket. And thus an entire day seems spoiled.

On the up side, I’m sure Los Angeles traffic is much improved tonight after LAPD busted a notorious threat to society like me.

You see, I want to complain. I was cited for being on the left of solid yellow lines. My story is that I was trying to be safer by getting the rear end of my car out of traffic when pulling into an overcrowded turn lane a wee bit early. But I guess the police officer wanted to rely on something silly, like, the LAW or something.

Truth be told, complaining is a really lame thing to do here (although still quite attractive). I mean, I’ve broken one or two (thousand) traffic laws over the past twenty years without a single ticket, so complaining is just the least bit ungrateful.

Still, it kinda put a damper on the entire day.

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