Dodger Stadium

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Family and Friends

Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night (not even a chance to blog last night!), but that’s okay when you have a great day. The day began by making sack lunches for the needy folks down at the Malibu Labor Exchange with the Gibson girls and Zach Love, which is a good day already. Then, it just kept getting better when we got to spend the rest of the day with the wonderful Logans from Mississippi.

Gene & Eileen retired a couple years back and are on part two of their Great American Adventure (this year is the Western version). They are my heroes for many, many reasons, and these trips qualify as one of them. In addition to seeing this great country of ours, they are also hitting all the Major League Baseball stadiums! They weren’t planning on hitting Dodger Stadium until Tuesday, but since Jody & I were going last night with some of my fellow clerks from Public Counsel, they decided to go, too.

This year, Gene’s sister, Patsy, is along for the trip. And, their daughter, Shelly, flew to Denver to meet up with them and will be with them until they make it to Phoenix.

It was so good to see all four yesterday. The Logan family means more to us than I can express. Many of my blog readers already know the Logans and the stories that make them so special to us. For those that don’t, I’ll have to share some of the stories when time permits. They are planning to attend class/worship with us this morning, and we are hopefully going to get to spend some more time together today.

Anyway, it was a great day for us, and we are looking forward to another one today. Here is a picture of our friends after the game last night.


I’m glad I was able to add Dodger Stadium to my list of stadiums visited. The weather is probably the best thing about the visit, and the view out through centerfield is pretty cool, too.


Now eating a Dodger Dog is a good thing to do, too, and Jody had the famed garlic fries (to which she gave a “pretty good” rating). And it was fun to see crazy Manny Ramirez in action.


But outside of that, the stadium wasn’t very impressive. Dodger Stadium is old, and the muted colors are either faded from age or just a bad choice of colors. We were on the reserved level and unable to go down and visit the lower levels, so maybe there was some interesting stuff down there, but on our level the only thing worth noticing were some posters like these.


But don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back. The Cardinals come to town in a couple of weeks! I’m just a connoisseur of MLB stadiums and thought I would share my impressions!

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