Wild Ride

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Miscellaneous

So I’m on the PCH just south of Malibu on my way home from work today when I witness an out-of-control car spinning in circles on its way across both sides of the highway. It crashes through a fence and slams up against the side of the mountain.

I’m thinking, Crap, I hope everyone is alright!

Traffic stops on my side of the highway, with me at the front of my lane. I look out my driver’s side window and see a man carrying a container of something running down the road and then diving/disappearing into the underbrush. I realize this man was in the crazy car just a few seconds prior.

I’m thinking, Crap, that guy’s a fugitive!

So I look back at the car and notice a woman driver get out, decide she ought to be running somewhere, too, only to encounter a police officer with a gun who screams at her to get down on her face. Well, she isn’t the quickest at complying. Actually, she wasn’t much into complying at all.

I’m thinking, Crap, he’s going to shoot her!

Well, he doesn’t shoot her. Instead, he yells in a voice that gets her to comply after all. Well, for a few seconds at least. Like an idiot, she decides to get up again and start walking toward the big, scary man with a loaded weapon. Instead of shooting her, he pulls out his billy club, holds it high above his head and starts to swing…

I’m thinking, Crap, I’m witnessing Rodney King revisited!

But she gets the drift and lies down again. He cuffs her and leaves her on the ground. Meanwhile, a couple of other police cars come screaming up the highway. I notice that a fellow spectator has gotten out of her van and has motioned the police officers to the place where the fleeing man had disappeared into the undergrowth. This is good news to me, because…

I’m now thinking, Crap, I’m hungry!

So hopefully I didn’t betray my civic duty by driving home for dinner instead of staying and filling out police reports. My justification was that this other lady spectator had seen everything I had seen and seemed awfully interested in doing the police reports. I thought I was being a nice guy by letting her have all the glory.

All in all, it was an interesting ride home.


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