Love Never Quits

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Justice, Peace

We had a return advocate this afternoon, a great spirit who is finished with her summer associate job at a big firm but has chosen to spend several days with Public Counsel just for the good of it. That’s very cool. As we were riding back to the office this afternoon, she said of the work we do, “It is nice to actually feel like you are helping somebody.”

For anyone who has spent any time at all volunteering, you know what she means. It is easy to volunteer. It is hard to actually feel like you are helping somebody.

I started to reflect on why that is, maybe even lambasting the administrative barriers that get in the way of good intentions. Instead, I think I’ll just admit the truth – it just isn’t easy to love.

It is complicated, difficult, time-consuming, costly, frustrating, and messy to love someone that needs it. In a word, love has to be willing to persevere. Through a LOT. And that’s hard.

Most of us stick to offering committed, sacrificial love only to our families. It is much easier that way. Others extend that love a bit through some sort of a group – most often, either a church or some other volunteer organization. But only nutcases like Jesus are crazy enough to offer real, persevering love to everyone – to go out of the way to love those you aren’t supposed to love. That kind of love is suicidal in about every sense of the word.

But I’m still drawn to the concept. Even if I don’t practice it yet.


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