Tuesday Evening Quarterbacking

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Looking forward to football season, and thinking random thoughts about quarterbacks tonight.

#1: If everyone really hates hearing Brett Favre updates, then why does everyone feel compelled to tweet/blog/post/say that they really hate hearing Brett Favre updates? I grant thee all the power to change the channel.

#2: I think Brett Favre updates are funny.

#3: Although I find dogfighting as appalling as the next guy, does anyone else think the “Should we ever forgive Michael Vick?” stuff is a little overblown? Let’s see, Donte Stallworth killed an actual human being, and he will have to miss an entire season. Michael Vick took part in dogfighting, and we’re having to convince ourselves that it’s okay to let him play again – ever. I just don’t get it.

#4: John Elway is the best quarterback ever. (This is mostly to annoy my friend, Herman, but I actually believe this, too.)

#4: Roger Staubach is my favorite quarterback ever.

#5: Troy Aikman is the best quarterback-turned-announcer ever.

#6: I never saw him play, but Dean Jim Gash is reportedly the best quarterback-turned-torts-professor ever.

#7: I will not draft a quarterback in the first round of my fantasy football drafts this year. Thank you for the lesson, Tom Brady.

#8: I’m not losing sleep over the fact that Razorback-to-USC transfer, Mitch Mustain, has not made it past 3rd string.

#9: I’m hoping that Michigan-to-Arkansas transfer, Ryan Mallett, will be the best passing QB in Hog History. Then again, that’s not setting the highest bar.

#10: I really like Tony Romo, but I think likeability is his biggest problem. He is more likeable than leader, and the Cowboys need a leader.

Well, that’s enough quarterback talk for tonight. But if anyone out there is looking forward to some football, too, feel free to take issue with any of the above so I don’t have to talk football to myself.

  1. coolhandandrew says:

    Agreed on Elway.

    Also agreed on Vick. I think he’s paid his debt to society and should be allowed to make a living.

    I might take Randall Cunningham over Staubach. That dude was amazing. Of course, I never saw Staubach play.

    Also agreed on Mustain and Mallett. I just hope we beat Ole Miss this year. Sad that my hopes for Razorbacks football have been reduced to that.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    LOL! True. I’m afraid Ole Miss is set up for disappointment all around. Too high expectations.

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