The Years Fly By

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Family and Friends

RFC Guys

I love this picture that surfaced on Facebook thanks to my friend, Steven (lower right), mostly because it reminds me of some great guys I knew in my college days in our RFC (Razorbacks For Christ) group. The picture also reminds me of having hair, but that’s another story. Finally, the picture was taken over 18 years ago now at our banquet just before I graduated, so it also reminds me of how the years fly by.

Other numbers began to pop in my head:
* 39 was one number. That birthday awaits me in just a couple of weeks.
* 22 is another. I have a daughter that age now.
* And, 15. Married to such a wonderful woman for 15 years. And my dad has been gone for 15 years, too.
* Don’t forget 12. I can’t believe that my youngest girl is closing in on being a teenager.
* And finally, 1 is a number that maybe astounds me most right now. I can’t believe that my first year of law school is over and done, and Year 2 is already beginning. It will be over before I know it.

Because the years fly by.

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