No Brainer

Posted: August 28, 2009 in Laughter

Friday night will be my night off. There, I said it. Law school can have the rest of me, but not Friday nights. This is a firm commitment I am making. (Well, except for next week. And maybe others I haven’t thought about just yet. As you learn in law school, there are exceptions to every rule, but anyhow…)

So here I am, home with Hillary, waiting for Jody to get home from her also busy week. I don’t want to think right now. Surely not about law school. Not about blogs. Not about politics. Not about religion. Not about inspiring thought or discussion or humor. Not about nothing, and obviously, not about grammar.

Tonight is a no brainer, just almost literally.

So, in honor of not using a brain, and for our collective viewing pleasure, and to show you how many of us feel after a round with law school, I will share this – and catch up with you all sometime tomorrow.

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