Another Katrina Anniversary

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Family and Friends

Four years now.

I have read three notes from three friends today remembering Katrina and seen an album of pictures from another. Somehow I don’t have the energy to contribute either notes or pictures of my own.

I wrote a small e-book after Katrina I called, “Katrina: A Spiritual Journey.” It was my way of trying to remember. I thought maybe I’d post it today, but after a search, it seems that I lost it somehow. Sort of appropriate, eh?

So I stole (“looted”) a pic from my friend, Keith, and this will have to suffice today. It is a picture from a time I will never forget: Sunday morning worship on the front lawn because so many great folks had come and “flooded” our auditorium with supplies.

And the church sign, which says a bunch about a time I will always treasure.

from keith berry

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