Aren’t I The Religious One This Weekend?

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Miscellaneous

Between tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, I almost feel preacher-like again.

#1: The CLS (Christian Legal Society) Retreat kicks off tonight, and although I’m not headed out with the crew, I’m going to join in Dean Perrin‘s send-off down in the courtyard.

#2: Tomorrow morning is the first time Frank & I (Nasty Boys, as Frank calls us) are in charge of the law school’s day to prepare lunches for the homeless at the Malibu Labor Exchange. Really cool.

#3: Afterward, I’m driving a 100+ miles up into the San Bernardino Mountains to speak at the CLS Retreat on “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.” Then, I’m driving those same miles back.

#4: Sunday morning, the University Church of Christ moves into its new worship venue at the remodeled Elkins Auditorium. Big moment.

#5: After early service, our adult class resumes with John Wilson and Randy Chesnutt leading us into an examination of the Gospel of Mark, which I’m really excited about.

Law school will resume its place of prominence Sunday afternoon, but from now until then, looks like I’m in for a whole lot of religion. 🙂

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