Birthdays Are Just Cool

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Family and Friends

Birthdays have always been cool. I suspect when Adam came out of post-op he had on a goofy party hat, and he and Eve enjoyed a nice slice of birthday cake with lots of frosting.

Eventually, Joe Hallmark had a nice idea, too, and ever since then post office personnel have enjoyed job security, and we all have smiled at the delivery of a card from aunts and uncles we had forgotten about – not to mention the $5 bills.

But today, birthdays are just cooler than ever.
* For one, there are cell phones – voice mails descending from all over the globe without fear of long distance charges.
* For two, there are text messages attached to aforementioned cell phones – cute little misspelled words wishing u a hpy b-day.
* For three, there are emails, and of those without viruses attached, we are very thankful.

But bestest of all in this brand new world of ours, there is Facebook.
* Walls get completely vandalized, and there are no hints of criminal charges.
* Messages are delivered, and as far as we know, no one but the two of us and the federal government knows what we’re being wished.
* And for clever FB users such as myself, a neat little status hint that it just might be your birthday invites criticism from your wife but even more praise for the day you were born. Not to mention witty retorts. And nothing says Happy Birthday like a witty retort.

Yes, birthdays are just the coolest thing. In spite of starting my day in class trying to make the least bit of sense out of the Hearsay Doctrine, I have enjoyed mine all day long.

  1. unicorntx says:


  2. coolhandandrew says:

    Yuck. No one should have to deal with the hearsay rule on their birthday.

    Please allow me to extend these untimely birthday wishes to you and file them nunc pro tunc.

  3. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks, Bruno! And thanks, Andy!

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