One Sunday

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Music, Peace

Preacher Ken used the U2 song, “One,” for his lesson today, which fit perfectly with the Great Communion celebration our church hosted this afternoon with our sister fellowships (Disciples of Christ, International Churches of Christ, and the independent Christian Churches). I used this same song on my last sermon as a full-time preacher, so it brought back memories.

I have to say that the afternoon communion gathering was very cool. The turnout was good, the singing was fantastic, and the tag team reading of paraphrases of Thomas Campbell’s propositions in his Declaration & Address two hundred years ago was quite fitting. It is sad to realize how far removed the Churches of Christ I grew up knowing are from the principles that precipitated their development. And that today’s gathering of basically like-minded people was, in fact, an accomplishment, is just tragic.

You can read the propositions HERE. For those of you who grew up like me, you’ll see right away how far we are from those ideals.

That’s why a gathering like this is sort of weird for me. It is good, of course, to see people whose pasts have left them divided come together. But the fact that people SO alike have to heal divisions leaves me more sad than happy.

  1. coolhandandrew says:

    Wow. Reading the 13 propositions by Campbell is really eye-opening. I was thinking about what I would have guessed the 13 propositions were based on what I was taught and what was emphasized to me growing up in the COC. I think there would have been a lot more about baptism and instrumental music and a lot less about unity and the evils of divisiveness.

    It’s kind of shocking how diametrically opposed these propositions are from the mindset of many of the churches I grew up in. “Division among Christians is a sickening evil, filled with many evils.” Indeed.

  2. alsturgeon says:

    Thanks, Andy. Eye-opening propositions, eh?

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