Thoughts from a Baroness

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Lessons

I don’t guess I ever heard a baroness speak until today. We don’t get a lot of baronesses in Arkansas or Mississippi.

Baroness Caroline Cox, reputed to be one of the leading Christian humanitarians in the world, spoke at the Pepperdine School of Law today, and I had the chance to attend. As is often the case, the Q & A session that followed her presentation was the best part. There were two or three cool things I remember from the Q & A, but I’ll just share my personal favorite.

Baroness Cox drew our imagination to Mary at the Cross, watching Jesus die, and she offered that there might be something to be said about attending the suffering of others. We typically avoid the pain of others – maybe we are called to “be there” instead.

Nursing homes. Hospitals. Homeless shelters. Prisons. Childrens homes. Foster care systems. Mental institutions. We have successfully shielded ourselves from encountering the sick and the dying, the poor and the hungry, the physically disabled and the mentally challenged.

Maybe we ought to attend the suffering of others. Begin by just showing up. I think that’s a thought worth considering.


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