Journal Dinner

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Family and Friends

I am a proud member of the greatest academic journal ever (in my completely biased opinion) – the Dispute Resolution Law Journal at the Pepperdine School of Law.

Tonight, our journal hosted a dinner at Professor Weston’s lovely Point Dume home, and I had a really good time. Riding to and from with my friend, Landon, was cool. Talking baseball with Professor Weston’s nine-year-old son was fun. Getting to visit with old and new friends was nice. And eating Wood Ranch BBQ is always a good thing to do.

Given my prodding, Professor Weston mentioned a few of the celebrities she sees around her neighborhood – Owen Wilson, Cindy Crawford, Matthew McConnaughey, and Pam Anderson to name a few.

But her coolest story was about the night she was out walking while listening to her iPod. She only had one earpiece in and was listening to a Bob Dylan song. She started hearing another Dylan song playing at the same time, which was a little confusing. She took her earpiece out to figure out what was wrong, only to discover that she was standing outside Bob Dylan’s house listening to he and his band practice inside. So she stood there in the dark listening to her very own Bob Dylan concert.

That, my friends, is too cool. And that we have the coolest academic advisor is just more evidence that we have the coolest journal ever.

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