Good News

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Family and Friends, Justice

I have a job! Well, for half of next summer. But I’m pumped about it.

I have accepted a split summer associate position with The Lanier Law Firm for 2010, and I will be working in their Houston office for the last half of the summer. Details will arrive in a few weeks, but as for now, it is simply exciting to know that I will have the opportunity to learn from one of the top plaintiff firms in the country. Mark Lanier is a legendary trial lawyer, and his firm has an amazing reputation.

As a very interesting sidebar, some folks in Church-of-Christ-world may have run across Edward Fudge’s email ministry over the years and read some of his writings. If not, I encourage you to follow THIS LINK and do some reading. Mr. Fudge is an associate with Lanier – you can read his legal bio HERE. I look forward to meeting him in person this summer, too.

  1. coolhandandrew says:

    That is very exciting!

    The offer still stands for summer lodging at the Dunham casa. I would very much enjoy getting to see you in real living color on a regular basis for a while. The wifey has already given her approval. Arrangements can be made to purchase the Settlers of Catan expansion.



  2. alsturgeon says:

    I’m excited! Thank your gracious wife for me. I promise to make my bed and clean my plate and take out the trash and whatever else would be helpful. Don’t redecorate my room until I hear for sure the expectations from Lanier, though (don’t know if they have some sort of system for us out-of-state folks), but I should find out in a month or so all the particulars.

    I have played Settlers the grand total of one evening. So you should have lots of fun winning. đŸ™‚

    (BTW, I hear that everyone at Lanier stops work each day for a required basketball game. I need to start practicing!)

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