Saturday is One of the Friendliest Days I Know

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Family and Friends

Friday night is my personal favorite, what with my declaring it “No Law School For Me” night. But as an overall day, Saturday is probably the best.

For one, there are no classes.

For two, there is football (though today not such a good thing for a Razorback fan).

For three, Jody & Hillary get to do girl things together while I study (girl things like haircuts today – and yes, I realize boys get haircuts, too, but none that live at our house).

For four, there is usually time for us to do something family-like, too. Like tonight.

Tonight is Law School Prom, but being the good Christian person I am, I do not partake in such lasciviousness. HA!!! Just kidding. But being the old man I am, Law School Prom (aka Barrister’s Ball) just isn’t that appealing. For one, there is dressing up involved. Well, that’s plenty to rule it out for me right there.

Instead, tonight we will be attending a Halloween/birthday party hosted by the stuffed animal of a set of kindergarten twins. There will be birthday cake, Halloween stuff, good friends, and no dressing up. My kind of event.

Saturdays are so nice. I like them a lot.


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