Jody’s Soccer Star

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Family and Friends

I like to joke with Jody about having a personal trainer (she is made for the Malibu life!), but in fact, her “trainer” this semester is a freshman who got matched with Jody through a sports medicine class. One of the class options involved doing a training program with a faculty/staff member, and because Jody signed up for this ultra-cool concept, she is under the tutelage of Anisa Guajardo.

Jody liked Anisa immediately. They meet at the track once a week, and Anisa has promised to help Jody meet her goal of running a 5k by her 40th birthday. Of course, Jody’s 40th birthday is decades away, but just for kicks, they’re acting like it’s next April.

Anyway, Anisa is on the Waves soccer team, and Jody wanted to see her play sometime. Truth is, according to Anisa, she hardly ever gets to play, what with being a freshman and all. However, she told Jody that she thought she would get to play yesterday during their last home game of the season. Jody planned to go.

Well, turned out that Hillary had to work a booth for her dance studio yesterday, so Jody didn’t get to the soccer game until the second half was already underway. But as soon as she sat down, Anisa scored a goal!!!! This tied the game at 1-1. A little later, Anisa scored another goal!!!! And the waves won 2-1 on Senior Day with Anisa completely carrying the day, and Jody’s favorite soccer player was the hero of the game!

Very. Cool.

(You can read the article complete with Anisa quotes HERE.)

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