Picture in the Paper

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Family and Friends

We haven’t received a newspaper for years now. Does anyone receive a newspaper anymore? Even if we did, I’m not exactly sure which one we’d get. The L.A. Times is an obvious choice, but then again, Malibu has two papers all its own: (1) Malibu Surfside News, and (2) the Malibu Times. All these choices!!!

But with the wonders of the WorldWide Web, I’m not much motivated to worry about it. It’s not like I’m missing access to any information or anything. Further, I mean, sure, who doesn’t miss getting black ink all over your fingers, but still, I already go to the trash dumpster every day – why shoot for twice a day?

Anyway, one thing that hasn’t disappeared completely is that it’s still cool to get your picture in the paper. Best I can tell. But the bad thing is that all of us yahoos who don’t receive a paper don’t find out about aforesaid pictures until it is too late.

All this to say that Hillary’s picture was in The Malibu Times recently. If anyone finds a copy laying around the house, feel free to save it for us. Otherwise, like us, you can just enjoy THIS LINK to the picture (note: Hillary is on the far left).

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